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Rose Hill

2018 (3 år)
Ready Cash
Rasperry Diamant
Muscle Hill
Roman Tomaskamp, Tyskland
Lovisa Gustafsson

Senaste nytt om Rose Hill

210912: Rose has been inside this week and the healing progress has gone well! Next week we will take of the stitches an let her out in the paddock!❤️🥕/ Lovisa

210905: Rose has been resting in her box this week. She will be inside next week and after that we will take off the stitches, if it all looks good she will be out in the paddock again after that!

Rose is behaving very good and she gets a lot of carrots and love.❤️ / Lovisa

210829: Rose went to Solvalla at monday this week for a sulkyjob.

Rose was good in the sulkyjob and landed on a sharp 1.16 / 1,600 meters with 1.14 last 500 and it was easy to like the impression! She had 88 in puls 🌟
She unfortunately hurt herself at thursday during  training and went to the clinic. She got a big wound that needed some stiches, but she is back on monday afternoon! 💪🏻❤️/ Lovisa

210822: Rose have trained intervals 2 times this week!

Rose feels very good in the intervals and she have a pulse around 76!🌟 She has a lot energy in her body and om monday she will go to Solvalla for a sulkyjob!💪🏻/ Lovisa

210815: Rose have trained intervals 2 times this week!

Rose has this week felt really good in the intervals! She has a pulse around 76.💪🏻🌟/ Lovisa

210808: Rose have trained intervals 2 times this week!

Rose feels very good in the intervals and she have calmed down even more! She has a pulse around 78! This weekend she and the other horses moved back down to my stable and every horse seems happy that we are back to normal!❤️👏🏻/ Lovisa

210801: Rose had a little infection 1,5 week ago and did only jog last week and this week she went her first intervals at friday! She felt good and she was happy to get back to training again! She had a pulse around 80!👏🏻❤️

My stable have been isolated because some horses have been sick so other horses doesn’t get sick too. But soon we hopefully get back to normal again!💪🏻

210718: Rose did 6 intervals this monday in 1.30 tempo and 6 intervals in 1.30 tempo this thursday, after the intervals she has a puls around 76-80!

Rose and I get along very well and she feels very good in training! Next friday she will race at Axevalla, I am very exited and I hope that she gets a good race despite that she got number 8 behind the gate.💪🏻🌟/ Lovisa

210711: Rose have been training for 3 weeks and this tuesday she went in to Solvalla for a sulkyjob!

Rose is a very kind horse and she feels reallly good! She have calmed down more and more for every week. At Solvalla she was really good in the sulkyjob, she went 1,15,5/1640m and last 500m went 1.12,5! She had 90 in puls after!😍in 🌟/ Lovisa

210613: Rose have only jogged 2 times this week and this thursday she went back to the veterinarian!

This week I became the groom of Rose and she is a lovely horse! Everything was alright after her treatment last week and now she will train her first intervals next week!

I will now go on 3 weeks of vacation and I will write again when I am back! But don’t worry, I have an fantastic substitute under my vacation!🏖/ Lovisa