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Cash Winner

2018 (3 år)
Ready Cash
Nefertite del Rio
Roman Thomaskamp
Mira Lahtinen

Senaste nytt om Cash Winner

210913: Cash takes it easy. He goes to paddock and enjoys his long walks in forest. We will start jogging next week🥰

210905: Cash has visited vet in Sundsvall this week. The vet found reason, why he has problems when trotting. Now he will take it easy for a couple of weeks. He will get a lot of massage and go out to paddock🥰

210809: Cash will race for the first time on Friday! So exciting😍

I’m on holiday for the next couple of weeks so I will write here again when I come back😊

210801: Cash qualified on 18,6 and he is now ready to start racing💪🏻He will propably start racing in coming few weeks🥰

210725: We were superhappy with Cash on Monday. His first sulkyjobb and he showed us that he really can😍 So now he will qualify tomorrow and hopefully start racing soon!!💪🏻❤

210718: Cash will go to Solvalla for his first sulkyjobb tomorrow!🥰 He has been training better all the time. We will propably shoe him again next week and try something new.

210711:  Cash trained two times this week as usually. He is trotting ok but we still have some work to do😬 New balance seemed to be pretty good. It just feels he needs more time before we can see more results😊

210704: Cash is training pretty well. We will shoe him again next week and we will do some changes on balance. Hopefully it will help him even more with his trot😊

210627: Cash feels a bit better every time I drive. He trained 6 intervals on Thursday and he will now start training 6 intervals twice a week🥰

210620: Cash trained two times this week. He went 4 intervals/1.30 both times. It feels there is still much to do but I think we are on the right track💪🏻

210613: Vet was happy with the results we got from treatment. Cash is trotting better now and he will start training on Monday!💪🏻🥰

210607: Cash has been jogging few times per week. I drove him today and it seems already that he is trotting little bit better👍🏻❤ Vet is going to take a look at him on Thursday.

210530: Cash arrived one week ago and he seems to like it here. He has been super nice and he is very easy to like😇 He has also been examined and treatened by vet. He is going to take it easy until revisit next week😊 /Mira